Owners’ Bios

Andrew (A.J.) Peluso

A.J. and Beth founded S.B.V. in 1999 building custom residential homes and additions in the Princeton, New Jersey and Bucks County PA area.

A.J’s career path began in his teens while serving an apprenticeship with a local custom builder. This was a hands on listen and learn job experience working with all of the trades while also learning the basics of estimating, permitting layout and takeoffs. He developed practical skills as a framer and latter as a journey man mason.

A.J. segued into an Assistant Project Manager position with a commercial builder constructing office, warehouse and institutional structures, while honing his skills in planning, approvals, logistics, civil, infrastructure and client relations.

Adept at planning and logistics, he held many positions throughout the years as a Supervisor, Project Manager and Owners Representative teaming up with engineers and planners to develop and manage project infrastructure, i.e.: roads, utilities, and facilities on numerous multi-family and commercial projects.

In his spare time, A.J. is a devoted “Cat Daddy” caring for a very pampered feral cat colony.


In 1999 Beth left her position with Verizon Communications to work alongside her husband and business partner, A.J. to manage and grow their newly established company – S.B.V. Builders, LLC.

Working with Verizon presented her with an opportunity to become a Senn-Delaney certified Diversity and Culture Change Leader, a necessary skill set to acquire in this client-centric customer focused business.

Beth is our business office professional overseeing sales, customer service, event coordinator, scheduler of meetings, and guiding clients through the tedious and arduous process of product and material selections.

She is the nexus to all incoming S.B.V. business challenges including payroll, billing, RFI’s, permit applications, change order and all legal matters.

Beth shares responsibility with her husband A.J. to feed, house and care for their feral cat colony.  She also enjoys spoiling her indoor short haired tuxedo cat – Gizmo.

Beth is passionate about her ever expanding roll with S.B.V. and working alongside with A.J.

“Work hard, be respectful and have fun doing it!”