Project Supervision

The Project Supervisors primary responsibility is to monitor and supervise all construction activities both civil and architectural, keeping them in full compliance with the contract documents while following our tailored production schedule.  We work closely with the design/engineering team reviewing all relevant project support documentation required for permit submission while responding to the Building Departments review comments.


  • Manage/supervise sub-contractors and control their performance.
  • Accomplish project goals by understanding the purpose and scope of work.
  • Contribute ideas and information to strategic plans and suggest improvements.
  • Ensure design/build teams work together to meet Owner’s expectations and produce a quality product.
  • Contribute ideas and volunteer information for logistical planning and suggest best ways and improve.
  • Apply for and submit permit applications and track Building Department review process. Respond to code officials PERMIT APPLICATION queries in a timely manner.
  • Schedule and monitor all required township building inspections.
  • Manage and coordinate the flow of information, materials and services to sub-contractors and build team participants.
  • Schedule on-site testing. Disseminate test results to code officials and contractor.
  • Schedule and monitor utility work and hook-ups.
  • Schedule building/structure stake-outs.
  • Secure final Certificate of Occupancy inspections.

Project Management

The P.M. (Project Manager) provides critical managerial and logistical contributions to the total construction process.

The P.M. takes on a managerial role and is responsible for compiling and assembling all of the various critical civil, structural, M.E.P’s and permitting component necessary to undertake a successful building program, guiding your project from concept to closeout.


  • P.M. provides the leadership role to the project team to accomplish the Owners/Owners Managers goals and objectives
  • Participates in pre-construction strategy and logistical planning.
  • Defining individual project team tasks.
  • Establish clear and robust project goals and establish a project schedule.
  • Generate cost estimates.
  • Review, approve, and reward vendor and sub-contractor proposals with contracts.
  • Manages site improvements.
  • Assist Owner/Owners Rep. with utility design and implementation.
  • Process and submit construction drawings and engineering permit packages to local and state agencies. Track agency progress and respond to code official’s queries.
  • Monitor efficacy of structure stakeout and as-built reports.
  • Manage substantial and final completion phases.

Owners Representative

Setting the standard for quality compliance.

The O.R. (Owners Representative) oversees the operations on behalf of the Owners from planning to occupancy.

S.B.V. can represent the Owner as their main point of contact for the project team, assuming the role of owners advocate for all project related issues, providing guidance and setting realistic goals.  becoming the eyes and ears for the owner throughout the project.


  • Lead design/development team as Owners Representative upholding policies, procedures and directives from the Owner.
  • Take lead position in pre-construction planning, design development, logistics and timelines. Participate in the bidding process.  Hire architectural firm and support engineers.
  • Compilation and scope review of all sub-contractors and vendors.
  • Identify and pursue require state, local and federal permits.
  • Develop and monitor budgets, process change orders and RFI’s.
  • Maintain electronic files.
  • Order and review geo surveys, and environmental studies pertaining to project.
  • Function as Owners liaison, melding design, engineering and MEP’s into a cohesive project team.
  • Manage both substantial and final completion.
  • Generate punch lists.


Additional A La Carte Services

  • Plan Takeoffs
  • Scheduling
  • Coordinating
  • Construction Defect Investigation
  • Consulting
  • Budgets